A Part of the Whole – The Beginning of Anything

What is it like to start a business unlike any other? This blog will answer that.

arrows-1969944_960_720Does the scientific method start with a theoretical hypothesis or a set of patterned observations? Is logic deductive or inductive? Should ideas be brought to practicality via top-down organization, or should knowledge of parts bubble into concepts with bottom-up methodology? These are the questions philosophy and science still debate, but the essence of the argument tends to point toward the acceptance of one central truth – that information is always made up of smaller pieces.

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What’s in a name? Part # 1; Accurate

This is the 1st segment to our ATTA acronym series. Continue to follow along to see what we stand for!

What’s in a name? A name is a powerful tool to define and shape one of the many adventures life brings. This can be from adding a new pet to the family, giving birth, or even choosing a name for that new car. This is especially true when it comes to naming and branding the business one is building – it’s a passion, after all!

So why was Accurate Technology and Test Automation LLC chosen? It’s a mouthful, I know. You can just call us ATTA though; think of it as the nickname of that slightly crazy person everyone needs in their life. So let’s break down each of these words over the next few articles and decide what they mean for you. Continue reading “What’s in a name? Part # 1; Accurate”