Standardized Hardware

Standardization reduces unnecessary variety and focuses on cost benefit. Learn how ATTA specializes in industry standards.

You can buy bolts in Germany, and nuts in Japan, and be sure they fit. Standardization helps reduce variation and focus on the variety essential to achieve economies of scale.

No, your production test systems are not bolts, they’re quite a bit more complicated. But they are held to specifications in industry standards, such as API 11s2, IEEE 1017, API 11S6, ISO 15551-1, and many more. Yes the test systems are held to the standards that the customer demands. Are the hardware, software, and maintenance procedures held to similar high standards, though? If they’re not this causes a lot of issues with keeping these systems up to the expected high standards of a customer’s satisfaction.

When we measure volts, ohms, or amps it’s pretty well understood that we will use a very well known multi-meter. This company has become so popular in all industries that need to perform a standard test for volts, ohms, amps, etc. that I’ve even heard just about any multi-meter called by this company’s name! Is that really fair to the other multi-meter manufacturers out there? I think not. The point here is when you know your hardware is standardized and maintained by a trusted company you can remove that worry from production.

Sure a test system is much more complicated than the average multi-meter but not nearly as complicated as the  modern automobile! Similarly though, we can trust our modern automobile to be reliable, and worry-free because of standardization and well-planned modernization in the life cycle of any vehicle. The automobile industry, and many other industries have designed their products to survive even when the world changes around them. This is also true with the modern machine tools that are vital to manufacturing any product.

Our number one goal here at ATTA is to provide production test systems and controls when it comes to trusting our systems will stand the test of time. And one of those components is standardized hardware to ensure that worry of maximizing machine up time is not something that production needs to think about.







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