A Part of the Whole – The Beginning of Anything

What is it like to start a business unlike any other? This blog will answer that.

arrows-1969944_960_720Does the scientific method start with a theoretical hypothesis or a set of patterned observations? Is logic deductive or inductive? Should ideas be brought to practicality via top-down organization, or should knowledge of parts bubble into concepts with bottom-up methodology? These are the questions philosophy and science still debate, but the essence of the argument tends to point toward the acceptance of one central truth – that information is always made up of smaller pieces.

Either way, it is important to note that a system is nothing but the sum of its parts. So, when starting a new business venture, does one start with the end goal, or with the past experiences? This article explores ATTA’s acceptance of both top-down (future-oriented) and bottom-up (past-oriented) practices in joining the industry’s production of test systems.

ATTA has experience in industrial automation since 1994! That’s over 2 decades in developing a passion and understanding for service and maintenance of automated systems. After such a long time working with individual parts and the accompanying test systems, one tends to be able to answer almost any question about all of the moving pieces. The unsung truth about so much experience in any field leads to the creation of even newer problems to be solved – new questions to be answered. ATTA is excited about the discoveries that come when system automation becomes standardized enough to allow your and our focus to be on more fun attentions – like furthering income!

The avenues ATTA is exploring takes an amount of time investment that is not being taken lightly. As with other businesses, several relational skill sets are developed in the beginning such as networking with potential clients, branding strategies, and building relationships with current industry leaders. ATTA is working to establish healthy business practices and habits that will allow for future growth of the company, so as to allow for future growth of the industry. That means that right now, in the beginning, it is important to see the visionary overall picture of the company’s trajectory, while focusing on the individual parts to make them highly functional. How fitting it is that test systems also focus on the big picture while organizing independent automation. Ah, the beauty of synergy.

So, what’s next for ATTA? Based on the previous experience in the field and the direction of intent for the company, ATTA is confident that at present, everything is right where it needs to be. The growing culture of increased connectivity and dependable relationships builds ATTA into, well, a company whose products and services are of systems with high connectivity and dependable installation of single parts! Systems need a lot of little things to go smoothly for functionality, as we’ve established. With the amount of variance in test systems currently circulating, it can be difficult to implement developing designs. The individual parts of ATTA itself are currently in the organizational process of branding and defining the trajectory of its future, so the company is ready to branch out and increase our customers’ systems’ uptimes! Let ATTA take the reigns in establishing industry-wide system set-up, and we can all build a cohesive standardization together. Only then can we find new questions to ask.

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