The Power of Centralization in Industry

Standardization of parts promotes centralization of resources.

You buy your shoes from a store where you prefer their quality and prices. Then, you drive five miles down the road where you buy the pants that fit you just perfectly. Down the block from there, you find some button-up shirts that work with both the length of your arms and the height of your torso – you can’t find a more decent match at any other store. Isn’t shopping for clothes much more manageable when your best attire is found at one location? We’ve talked about the importance of high standards within hardware manufacturing before in our blog, but for this article we will be emphasizing the efficiency of centralized standardization with any products you purchase. We at ATTA know it’s important to maximize long-term cost benefits for you and your customers and are ready to be the source for your test systems’ needs.  

Centralizing the source for your test systems benefit you in more than one way:

1.) Compatibility of systems is easier to manage and upgrade as needed. For your machinery that is constantly being pressed and stretched to output the maximum up-time, your life becomes easier if the software is centrally maintained.

2.) Service and maintenance costs are reduced with a centralized vendor for your IT needs. Instead of troubleshooting multiple systems, you and your IT team would be able to put out the fire very quickly when diagnostics are needed.

3.) Budgets are also easier to manage with a regular and expected service from a centralized location. Test systems are especially important to your industry’s specifications for production, so a standardized location for keeping them up to date helps you plan for costs and benefits long down the road.

Joseph Venturelli on LinkIn adds to the topic, “Standardization promotes a culture of continued performance within an organization. It establishes scales and increases capacity for efficient task completion.” (Link here.) It’s become clear with the globalization of industry that centralization of assets is becoming more and more practical. Let ATTA be your center for test systems’ software, and we know that the future will only develop the relationship more.



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