What’s in a name? Part#4; Automation

This is the last in our 4-part series describing what ATTA stands for.

Automation. What is it exactly? Let’s take a look at the word firstly. The root words are “automatic” and the suffix, “-mation.” Together the word explains an action or instance of an action accomplished with little to no human control. (Sourced from Google’s dictionary.) It has only been recently that what used to be purely manual household chores – laundry, dishes, watering the yard, monitoring the house temperature, etc. – have now been automated thanks to innovation and technology. Everyone knows that automation makes life easier. It frees us from mundane tasks to focus on other goals and projects, all thanks to automatic machines among us.


So what does this mean in your industry? How can we reduce time spent on mundane tasks that can be accomplished by modern automation? Here at ATTA we have a strong belief in developing what we like to call the “Green Button” test system. Ideally, the operator only has to do very little to complete the test. This can mean moving valves automatically, entering data with the scan of a barcode, or using the tap of an RFID tag. If we’re really willing to dream big, it can be material-handling from the beginning to the end of the whole process!

This may not always be the most sensible goal, but we really enjoy dreaming big here at ATTA. We definitely strive to provide the most cost-effective automation solutions for your facility. ATTA also understands that a lot of our systems may be very far away from a thoroughly involved support system. There would need to be well-trained automation repair technicians, available parts, and so many other things one would just never think of – especially if the facility is in a remote location. So here at ATTA we pride ourselves on the KISS method (Keep It Simple Silly) in all of our automated machine designs. We use minimal parts to complete the task and lay them out in an intelligent and consistent manner. This keeps customers’ downtimes at an all-time low, while they enjoy long-term cost savings of modern automation. Leave it to ATTA to balance the KISS method with the Green Button method, and your products will maintain high quality with efficient, productive designs.





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