From Then to Now: An Origin Story

ATTA as a technology company is young, but thriving. Read here about the innovative ideas that brought ATTA into existence.

In March of 2017, Josie Peacock was working as a technical professional in the oil industry. Spending over a decade building up skills in working with the electrical submersible pump test systems, Josie gathered experience in maintenance and development of the test systems. She noticed the apparent lack of reliable suppliers for systems that could potentially be standardized industry-wide. Becoming that reliable supplier for a complete test systems solution, Josie decided, is what she should devote her new business to.


Setting off on her own, Josie began ATTA. Sometimes businesses start with one direction and end up moving toward a different, more reasonable trajectory after gathering some experience. ATTA started with the intention of providing a complete electrical submersible pump test system including, but not limited to, Pump Tests, Cable Tests, Motor Tests, Seal/Protector Tests, and potentially even more. Such a solution would encompass both an original design of the product and the manufacturing of its machinery and software. In addition, longstanding service and industry compliance of all the working components would be crucial to the maintenance of ATTA’s product. Six months after starting out with the original goal, ATTA is still on track to deliver the complete test solution, which is fortunately still in high demand!

Nonetheless, there are always challenges with new endeavors, especially if they’re groundbreaking in a field. Starting as the first complete test systems solution provider means that there are not really any other products with which to compare. There is no guidebook or set path when one breaks out on his or her own. Designing these test systems so they will stand the test of time is crucial. Flexibility of customers’ needs, standardization of parts industry-wide, and easy installation will all go toward building the ATTA brand as the best and first of its kind. A lot of trial and error methodology is in order here, but ATTA is confident in finding quality employees to implement this economically beneficial vision to its clients.

Also with new endeavors, there is an inevitably rewarding characteristic: personal ownership of a concept. ATTA is designing a test system with no current bureaucratic boundaries. No limitations are placed upon the company except for the self-recurring need to focus itself on its goals. In other words, ATTA is developing its own bureaucracy centered around its own profits, which is both highly stimulating and complex. ┬áJosie is very pleased with the modular test system(s) design, and is grateful for the opportunity to express personal ownership over the ideas instantiated through ATTA. The design system is definitely worthy as a source of pride – it allows the use of a Main Control Box (MCB) to connect nearly any type of test system like the ones mentioned above. Such a boxed controller also allows customers to make one, standardized purchase to further continue the specialization of this product’s abilities. The standard product frees up customers to adapt the controller to any system that requires automation, and may even be part of a SCADA system.

All in all, ATTA is right where it needs to be, and is on track to complete its “controller in a box.” Josie has built up a new concept for a product from scratch, and this blog writer is certainly grateful to have witnessed the process of its beginning. Final thoughts from Josie, when asked for advice to new business owners:

“Be ready to sacrifice everything to follow your dream. It is a very rewarding experience, no matter how it ends.”


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