Big News! ATTA Servo Valve Control Is Here!

We are excited to share with you the unveiling of our new, original Servo Valve Control test system. Read here to find out about increasing efficient production uptime through ATTA products and services.

We are happy to announce the development of ATTA’s signature Servo Valve Control test system! With it, we are offering precision and speed for your high performance flow control with efficient, trustworthy software and hardware. (Click here to read the brochure.)

At ATTA we aim to maximize our customer’s production uptime as smoothly and reliably as possible, and the Servo Valve Control accomplishes just that. We specialize in test automation software that requires minimum operational effort, which we would call passing the “Green Button Test.” When it comes to the hardware, our modular system parts are standardized to ease installation and maintenance, and these modules can be customized to fit any clients’ specific needs.

Parts include:

  • a Main Control Enclosure (MCE) as the powerful control box featuring ATTA’s signature flexible connectivity, including Ethernet/IP communications in all systems,


  • a Valve Drive Enclosure (VDE) where the more sophisticated functions of the servo system are controlled,


  • and a Main Operator Station (MOS) with the simple interface with hard switches like Enable/Disable, On/Off, and an Emergency Stop.


Additionally, ATTA has expansion options such as cellular connectivity, connection to almost any industrial protocol communication, and the capacity to use an industrial controller of your choice.  Different customizations allow ATTA to provide operation of these powerful test system from remote, or even outdoor, locations. We design and install these systems so you don’t have to. Maintenance and repairs are easy with the availability of spare modular components and a dedicated, expert ATTA staff at your service for assistance and consultation.

We’re excited to bring you this product, and we are continuing to develop further beneficial system designs. For now, we hope you contact us soon for questions or quotes on an upgrade to your test systems.

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