How To Get The Best Valve Actuator Performance

ATTA doesn’t compromise accuracy or speed when it comes to valve actuators – learn how in this article.

Goldilocks would be overwhelmed with the wide variety of pumps that must be tested on a single valve. Some pumps will have test points that are too high. Some pumps will have test points that are too low. Some pumps have a flow coefficient that is just right for the valve.

It would be unreasonable for Goldilocks to have a valve that is just right  for every pump test. The valve can’t be too large, the valve shouldn’t operate at less than 10%, and the valve transitioning from a high flow to a low flow pump takes way too long. Continue reading “How To Get The Best Valve Actuator Performance”

What’s in a name? Part#4; Automation

This is the last in our 4-part series describing what ATTA stands for.

Automation. What is it exactly? Let’s take a look at the word firstly. The root words are “automatic” and the suffix, “-mation.” Together the word explains an action or instance of an action accomplished with little to no human control. (Sourced from Google’s dictionary.) It has only been recently that what used to be purely manual household chores – laundry, dishes, watering the yard, monitoring the house temperature, etc. – have now been automated thanks to innovation and technology. Everyone knows that automation makes life easier. It frees us from mundane tasks to focus on other goals and projects, all thanks to automatic machines among us. Continue reading “What’s in a name? Part#4; Automation”

What’s in a name? Part#3; Test

Read the 3rd part to our series explaining what ATTA represents as an organization.

In our third installment of this four part series we’ll talk about the word “test” and what it means to us. If you missed it you can find part two here and part one here.

Test, testing (the action of the test), examination, measurement, verification. What do all of these words mean? Why are they important to the product? We all know our products are tested daily by the customer for their performance, their longevity, and their ability to do what they were advertised to do. So how do you protect your reputation and ensure the customer will receive a top quality product that will not be prone to premature failure? Testing, of course! Continue reading “What’s in a name? Part#3; Test”

What’s in a name? Part#2: Technology

Read here the 3rd part in our series relaying just what ATTA stands for.

In part two of this series we’ll talk about technology and its significance to ATTA’s services. In case you missed it, you can read part one here.

Robots! Self-driving cars! Video phones that fit in your pocket! I’m sure all of us are aware that the future is now. It’s incredible how far technology has come in our lifetime, but the truth isn’t just about doing cool, “look-at-me” things. Technology is about getting things done and solving day-to-day problems. Continue reading “What’s in a name? Part#2: Technology”

Standardized Hardware

Standardization reduces unnecessary variety and focuses on cost benefit. Learn how ATTA specializes in industry standards.

You can buy bolts in Germany, and nuts in Japan, and be sure they fit. Standardization helps reduce variation and focus on the variety essential to achieve economies of scale.

No, your production test systems are not bolts, they’re quite a bit more complicated. But they are held to specifications in industry standards, such as API 11s2, IEEE 1017, API 11S6, ISO 15551-1, and many more. Yes the test systems are held to the standards that the customer demands. Are the hardware, software, and maintenance procedures held to similar high standards, though? If they’re not this causes a lot of issues with keeping these systems up to the expected high standards of a customer’s satisfaction. Continue reading “Standardized Hardware”

What’s in a name? Part # 1; Accurate

This is the 1st segment to our ATTA acronym series. Continue to follow along to see what we stand for!

What’s in a name? A name is a powerful tool to define and shape one of the many adventures life brings. This can be from adding a new pet to the family, giving birth, or even choosing a name for that new car. This is especially true when it comes to naming and branding the business one is building – it’s a passion, after all!

So why was Accurate Technology and Test Automation LLC chosen? It’s a mouthful, I know. You can just call us ATTA though; think of it as the nickname of that slightly crazy person everyone needs in their life. So let’s break down each of these words over the next few articles and decide what they mean for you. Continue reading “What’s in a name? Part # 1; Accurate”