Big News! ATTA Servo Valve Control Is Here!

We are excited to share with you the unveiling of our new, original Servo Valve Control test system. Read here to find out about increasing efficient production uptime through ATTA products and services.

We are happy to announce the development of ATTA’s signature Servo Valve Control test system! With it, we are offering precision and speed for your high performance flow control with efficient, trustworthy software and hardware. (Click here to read the brochure.) Continue reading “Big News! ATTA Servo Valve Control Is Here!”

How To Get The Best Valve Actuator Performance

ATTA doesn’t compromise accuracy or speed when it comes to valve actuators – learn how in this article.

Goldilocks would be overwhelmed with the wide variety of pumps that must be tested on a single valve. Some pumps will have test points that are too high. Some pumps will have test points that are too low. Some pumps have a flow coefficient that is just right for the valve.

It would be unreasonable for Goldilocks to have a valve that is just right  for every pump test. The valve can’t be too large, the valve shouldn’t operate at less than 10%, and the valve transitioning from a high flow to a low flow pump takes way too long. Continue reading “How To Get The Best Valve Actuator Performance”

What’s in a name? Part#3; Test

Read the 3rd part to our series explaining what ATTA represents as an organization.

In our third installment of this four part series we’ll talk about the word “test” and what it means to us. If you missed it you can find part two here and part one here.

Test, testing (the action of the test), examination, measurement, verification. What do all of these words mean? Why are they important to the product? We all know our products are tested daily by the customer for their performance, their longevity, and their ability to do what they were advertised to do. So how do you protect your reputation and ensure the customer will receive a top quality product that will not be prone to premature failure? Testing, of course! Continue reading “What’s in a name? Part#3; Test”

What’s in a name? Part#2: Technology

Read here the 3rd part in our series relaying just what ATTA stands for.

In part two of this series we’ll talk about technology and its significance to ATTA’s services. In case you missed it, you can read part one here.

Robots! Self-driving cars! Video phones that fit in your pocket! I’m sure all of us are aware that the future is now. It’s incredible how far technology has come in our lifetime, but the truth isn’t just about doing cool, “look-at-me” things. Technology is about getting things done and solving day-to-day problems. Continue reading “What’s in a name? Part#2: Technology”